Mission Statement

It is our mission to improve the quality of life for Capsuleers in New Eden through the unparalleled quality & depth of our Station operations and services, as well as to empower & inform the community through our delivery of game related news & technical content.





The HEDWAY Network (THNET) is a facilitator of commerce, research, invention, and manufacturing across New Eden. We operate stations throughout the cluster open doors for many Capsuleers, allowing them to pursue their dreams at a fraction of the cost. Our stations are the homes of renown streamers, partners with PushX freight services, and are amongst some of the highest performing stations in each of their categories. 



Keberz I, Khanid

In-Game Contacts

DIRECT: Eurzadahn


"So how did this group [THNET] create that confidence – well it was done in a few ways but mainly through communication both in game and out of game. I also did my own research and checked out their website which is well done and highlights a level, for want of better words, professionalism . . . So thanks Ikusaro and The HEDWAY Network!"

- aneveindustrialist 
BLOG: aneveindustry



  • Fortizar Class trade Citadels

  • Astrahaus Class mining Citadels

  • Azbel Class research & manufacturing Engineering Complexes

  • Raitaru Class advanced research & development Engineering Complexes